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  Mold Shop
  Industrial Parts' Production

  Molds' manufacturing constitutes the narrow passage of the industry. It is the first, the obligatory and the important step for the mass production of similar parts.

N. Bazigos SA is nowadays a completed constructive and productive unit, which heads to the future with powerful weapons such as its know-how, quality, professionalism and the possibility to materialize innovative ideas.

Bazigos' Mold Shop, one of the biggest in Europe, combines know-how and high technology and is a precious collaborator of the most important companies all over the world. Areas where it specializes are the molds' manufacturing - Injection, Cutting and Forming, SMC, Vacuum, Die Casting - and the manufacturing of high precision parts.

The excellent organization of Bazigos' Design and Development Department gives the possibility to our customers to materialize here their innovative ideas and the new products they have envisioned and that will change the life of the modern human.

The Productive Unit of the company numbers nowadays a big variety of new and high quality machines - Injection, Mechanical & Hydraulic presses - that produce not only on behalf of the Mold shop's customers but also for customers from all over the world.

Quality's controls, programs, mechanisms of guarantee as well as activities of quality's improvements cover the continuously altered requirements of our customers, a fact that is also confirmed by DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

There is a double goal · to maintain high quality standards of molds, parts and final products and to achieve low costs of offered services without any discounts in the quality and the materials. This is due to the organization of the production, the automatisms and the use of high technology.



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